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Fire Safety and Prevention Division

Fire Code Official -
Mathew Mallette
Fire Inspector

Office Information
Location: 200 Shamrock Dr
Office: 478-410-5416
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City of Dublin,
Fire Safety and Prevention Ordinance

Adopted Fire Codes and State Minimum Fire Safety Rules and Regulations:
Current Edition NFPA:
Life Safety Code 101 (LSC) 

Current Edition
International Fire Code (IFC) 

Per O.C.G.A Tile 25-2-4 State of Georgia:

New Construction, Plan Review and Inspections
The Fire Safety and Prevention Division performs plan reviews and conducts construction inspections along with City Building and Inspections Department. For all new developments and commercial buildings, including renovations and remodels of existing buildings. Reviews are also made of significant modifications to fire protection systems (fire sprinklers, fire alarms, cooking suppression, clean agent, etc). 

Existing Building / Inspection Checklist
The Fire Safety and Prevention Division is responsible for conducting inspections of existing buildings and structures to educate owners and/or staff regarding various fire hazards and to identify fire code violations so they can be corrected, thereby reducing the risk of a fire. Detailed records are kept to help identify trends that may require special attention to help mitigate. 

Reporting of Systems required by Fire Code 
Letter Template Mailed to Companies

We have adopted a web-based solution called ComplianceCenterTM  from BuildingReports®  ( based on its ability for paperless compliance oversight, ease of communication and “no fee” structure for all stakeholders (Compliance Center is a free public service for Building Owners, Service Companies and Fire Code Officials).

This notice is to clarify that all fire and life safety test and inspection records are required to be filed via ComplianceCenter as per Item 108.3 of the adopted IFC Code 2018 edition:

“Records shall be made available for inspection by the fire code official, and a copy of the records shall be provided to the fire code official upon request. The fire code official is authorized to prescribe the form and format of such recordkeeping. The fire code official is authorized to require that certain required records be filed with the fire code official.”

If your customers buildings have any of the following fire protection systems in place, the test and inspection compliance records for these systems are to be filed using the above method:

  • Fire Alarm System(s) §
  • Fire Sprinkler System(s) 
  • Fire Pump(s)
  • Kitchen Range Hood Suppression System(s) 
  • Backflow Prevention 
  • Commercial Cooking Hood and Duct Cleaning
  • Clean Agent Suppression System(s)
  • Fire Extinguisher(s)
  • Emergency Responder Two-way Radio Enhancement Systems (BDAs)
  • Private Fire Hydrant(s) 
  • Fire Standpipe System(s)
Private Fire Hydrant Regulations and Inspections
For all fire hydrants that are not located in a public right of way, the property owner is responsible for the testing and maintenance of the fire hydrant which must be completed by qualified subcontractors, or Schedule day and time for Fire Department to test. All Hydrant testing must be documented and Submitted to the Fire Safety and Prevention Division By clicking Here.
Whenever a fire protection system (fire alarm, fire sprinkler, etc.) is taken out of service for maintenance or repairs, or is otherwise compromised due to damage and unable to function as intended, a “fire watch” must be put in place.